Friday, December 23, 2011

Changing the Startup Form for VB in Visual Studio 2010

Let us suppose that we have a simple VB project that contains two forms. The first form (who was created by default when you created the project) is called StartForm and the second form (created by you) is called AnotherStartForm.
When you start your application, you will observe that your start-up form will be StartForm. To change that you need to go in the project properties (either by right-clicking on your project and selecting the Properties item or by going to Project -> <name_of_your_project> Properties in the menu bar).
After the project's properties page is opened you can modify the Startup form and choose another form like AnotherStartForm.

You can also modify here the actions the application's events and/or the shutdown mode of your application(choosing if the application will be closed when the last form is closed or when the startup form is closed).

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