Random Map Generation Library
An open-source library in C++/STL that can be used to generate random shapes and maps.

Mantra Framework
An open-source framework in C for AVR microcontrollers.

AWT Minesweeper
An simple, open-source Minesweeper clone created in Java using the AWT framework. Read a little bit more about it here.

Temperature Conversion Library
A Java library that permits conversions between the Celsius, Kelvin, Rankine, Delisle, Newton, Reaumur, Romer and Fahrenheit scales.

Generic Data Structures
An ANSI C library providing generic data structures.

An ANSI C library for matrix operations.

Dynamic Multidimensional Arrays
An ANSI C library for allocating and freeing multidimensional arrays

Colorspace Conversion Library
An ANSI C library for colorspace conversion.
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