Saturday, August 18, 2012

Removing Shortcuts From the Gnome Applications Menu Manually

If you installed a program without using the Ubuntu Software Center and there is no uninstaller (or you just deleted the folder), the shortcut to your removed application may still remain in the Application Menu.

If you try to remove it using Alacarte, you may be surprised to see that your shortcut doesn't appear there. If you find it in Alacarte, read this.

This happened to me when I accidentally deleted the Netbeans folder. The shortcut to Netbeans remained in the Gnome Application menu, but it didn't appear in Alacarte.

After searching a while for a solution, I finally found it - shortcuts that do not appear in Alacarte can be found at:

Your shortcuts will look like:

So, if delete them here, they will disappear from the Gnome Application menu.

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