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The Determinant of a Matrix in NMat

In order to understand this article, you should read the following articles first:

The determinant will be calculated using Laplace's formula:
Laplace's formula for the determinant
A - the square matrix whose determinant will be calculated
n - the size (order) of A
a - A's element at the position (i,j)
M - A's minor determined by i and j.

Let us assume that we have the following matrix:
A sample 3x3 matrix
The determinant would be calculated like:
The calculation of A's determinant

Our function will receive as parameters a matrix and the order of the determinant. The function shall return a number who is the matrix's determinant according to the specified order. The order should represent in most cases the size of the matrix. You can also specify a smaller than size order to compute the determinant of a minor of the matrix.

The function's definition is:
 * Description:
 *  Computes the determinant of a given matrix
 * Parameters:
 *  mat   - a pointer to the matrix
 *  order - usually the size of square matrix, but it can be used
 *       if you want to compute a determinant of a minor
 * Returns:
 *  The value of the determinant if the input is correct.
 * Otherwise returns NaN.
 * Preconditions:
 *  @mat must not be NULL
 *  @mat must be a square matrix
 *  @column and @row must be smaller than @order
 *  @order must be greater than 1 but smaller or equal when
 *  compared to the size of the matrix
real NMatrix_Determinant(const NMatrix *mat, integer order);
The implementation of the function is:
real NMatrix_Determinant(const NMatrix *mat, integer order)
   integer i = 0 ,j = 0 ,k = 0 ,l = 0;
   real det = 0.0;
   NMatrix *minor = NULL;
   if((mat->rows == mat->columns) && (order>=1) && (order<=mat->rows))
         det = mat->data[0][0];
      else if(order==2)
         det = (mat->data[0][0] * mat->data[1][1]) -
               (mat->data[0][1] * mat->data[1][0]);
         for (k=0 ; k<order ; k++)
            minor = NMatrix_Create(order,order);
            for(i=1 ; i<order ; i++)
               l = 0;
               for (j=0;j<order;j++)
                  if (j != k)
                     minor->data[i-1][l] = mat->data[i][j];
            det += pow(-1.0,k) * mat->data[0][k]
                   * NMatrix_Determinant(minor,order-1);
            minor = NMatrix_Destroy(minor);
      det = NAN;
   return det;

void PrintMatrix(NMatrix *mat)
   integer i = 0, j = 0;
   for (i = 0; i < mat->rows; i++)
      for (j = 0; j < mat->columns; j++)
         printf("%f ", mat->data[i][j]);

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
   real det = 0;
   NMatrix *mat = NULL;
   /*Creates and initializes the matrix*/
   mat = NMatrix_Create(3, 3);
   /*Prints the matrix*/
   puts("Matrix: ");
   /*Computes the determinant of the matrix*/
   puts("Determinant of the matrix: ");
   det = NMatrix_Determinant(mat, 3);
   printf("%2.1f\n", det);
   /*Computes the determinant of a minor*/
   puts("Determinant of a minor (M33): ");
   det = NMatrix_Determinant(mat, 2);
   printf("%2.1f", det);
   return 0;
-2.000000 2.000000 -3.000000
-1.000000 1.000000 3.000000
2.000000 0.000000 -1.000000

Determinant of the matrix:
Determinant of a minor (M33):


  1. What is this order value you mention, where does it come from, what does it mean, and how do you know it's value to input it?

    1. Here's a link that explains the mathematical notions behind the order of a matrix:

      To compute the determinant of a matrix, the matrix needs to be square, so the order can be specified by using only one parameter.

      Also,the order needs to specified as a parameter because the function is recursive and it calculates the matrix's determinant by decomposing the given matrix into minors and calculating their determinants.

      For example, if you have a 3x3 matrix and you want to calculate its determinant you will need to compute the determinants of the 2x2 minors of the given matrix.

      In the future, I will probably improve the article and provide better mathematical insight, but in the meantime you can check up Wikipedia's entry on determinants and how a determinant can be calculated using decomposition:

      So, the main idea is if you have 3x3 matrix and want its determinant calculated you will call the function as:
      myDet = NMatrix_Determinant(myMatrix,3)


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